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  • Funkin Banana Puree 1kg


    Funkin Banana Puree – Funkin’s Banana premium puree, funkin pro is the bartenders choice, used in cocktails, pastries, smoothies, ice cream funkin banana puree 100% pure fruit

  • Funkin Blackberry Fruit Puree 1kg


    Funkin Blackberry Fruit Purée is a blend of the best tasting Blueberries to deliver the balance of sweetness to ensure the flavours flourish in cocktails.

  • Funkin Blackcurrant puree 1kg


    Funkin Blackcurrant puree 1kg – Blackcurrants can vary from being watery and light on flavour to dark and over bearing. At Funkin we harvest Andega blackcurrants mid-summer in France, giving us the perfect blend of sweetness and acid and a rounded juicy taste. Funkin fruit is ripened under the sun to keep in the goodness and natural flavour. No need to measure and chop, just open and pour.

  • Funkin Blueberry Puree 1kg


    Funkin Blueberry Puree 1kg -Our Funkin Blueberry Purée is made from blueberries grown on the lower reaches of the mountain slopes in Eastern Europe.

  • Funkin Bramble Mixer 1ltr


    Funkin Bramble Mixer 1kg – Our Funkin Bramble is made using the finest handpicked blackberries, zesty lemons and the perfect lelbel of sweetness. A delicious modern classic.

  • Funkin Citric Syrup 50cl – Sweet Citric Cocktail Mixer


    Funkin Citric Syrup 50cl – Sweet Citric  Mixer –Perfect for creating sweet retro style cocktails, this Funkin Citric Syrup combines liquid sugar, citric acid and water. Comes in a 36cl bottle. Easy to store.

  • Funkin Cocktail Mixer Passion Fruit Martini Kit


    Funkin Cocktail Mixer Passion Fruit Martini Kit – Delicious, expertly blended, bar quality Skinny Mojito Cocktail mixer made with the finest real fruit.

  • Funkin Coconut Puree 1kg


    Funkin Coconut Puree 1kg – Funkin Pro Coconut Purée is crafted from the creamiest tropical coconuts from Indonesia

  • FUNKIN Cosmopolitan Cocktail Gift Set in Presentation Box – 8 Piece


    FUNKIN Cosmopolitan Cocktail Gift Set in Presentation Box – 8 Piece – The perfect set for the Cosmo lover in your life! This FUNKIN Cosmopolitan Cocktail Gift Set contains all the necessary cocktail equipment for shaking up all kinds of cocktails including your favourite, the Cosmopolitan.

  • Funkin Cosmopolitan Mixer 1ltr


    Funkin Cosmopolitan Mixer 1 Litre –Best served with vodka. A traditional blend of cranberries, Mexican limes and a dash of orange, our Funkin Cosmpolitan Cocktail Mixer is a beloved cocktail staple. So whether you’re from the city or just like to pretend you are, you can enjoy this sophisticated yet flirty cocktail in your own home, with friends or alone.

  • Funkin Dried Lemon Garnish


    Funkin Dried Lemon Garnish

    Use this Funkin Dried Lemon Garnish to spice up cocktails for your customers. Cocktail making will become more of a a breeze and ensure a consistent quality every time. They are very easy to use. Simply pop one in the glass and it will release a subtle lemon flavour as it rehydrates.

  • Funkin Elderflower Collins Cocktail Mixer 1ltr


    Funkin Elderflower Collins Cocktail Mixer – 1L Carton 100cl – Our Funkin Elderflower Collins is crafted using the finest Sicilian Lemons and British Elderflower and best served with gin.

  • Funkin Espresso Martini Cocktail Mixer 1L


    Funkin Espresso Martini Cocktail Mixer 1L

    • ready to use
    • ideal for mixing with cocktails and soft drinks
    • 1kg pack
    • sold individually
    • easy to store and suitable for freezing
    • Ingredients: 100% natural
  • Funkin Green Apple Puree 1kg


    Funkin Green Apple Puree –  Funkin pro purees the bartenders choice, used in cocktails, smoothies, sorbets even ice cream funkin green apple, 100% pure fruit

  • Funkin Hollywood™ Mixer 1ltr


    Funkin Hollywood™ Mixer 1kg  – Our Funkin Hollywood Cocktail Mixer is a combination of sought after acai berries blended with sweet raspberries and tart and tangy blueberries, best served with gin or vodka.

  • Funkin Jalapeano Syrup 36cl


    Funkin Jalapeño Syrup 36cl – The tastes and aromas of Funkin Jalapeño Syrup are combined to create a kaleidoscope of exotic flavours to delight the palate.

  • Funkin Kiwi Puree 1kg


    Funkin Kiwi Puree – Funkin select the Hayward Kiwi from France and China to bring you the ultimate 100% natural fruit purée. The green kiwi purée contains seeds to add a fantastic colour and texture, and a balanced sweetness with a delicate hint of acidity to give your cocktail a kick! Funkin Kiwi Purée has become a firm favourite in many cocktails!

  • Funkin Lemon Juice 1kg


    Funkin Lemon Juice

    Funkin Lemon Juice is aade from 100% natural ingredients with no artificial additives, preservatives, colours or flavours. These pure pour juices and fruit purées are sourced from only the finest fruits from around the globe ensuring every cocktail has the taste of distinction.

    All Funkin juices and purées are made from 100% natural ingredients and no artificial flavourings or preservatives, just fresh fruit goodness. The whole range is ideal for cocktails and cooking. The Funkin Lemon Juice is ideal for cocktails such as fruit punches and boozy lemonades. For those budding chefs amongst you try the lime juice for baking and desserts, Lemon Meringue Pies or savoury cooking such as Lemon Chicken.

  • Funkin Lime Juice 1kg


    Funkin Lime Juice – Funkin Lime Fruit Juice is made from the finest limes of sicily, which gives the best fresh citrus taste. It is an essential cocktail mixer ingredient.

  • Funkin Lychee Puree 1kg


    Funkin Lychee Puree – Funkin go all the way to China to source the best lychees in the world. The lychees are the Hey Ye variety, which give the best aromatic flavour, the perfect partner for fine spirits to make scrumptious oriental cocktails.

  • Funkin Mango Puree 1kg


    Funkin Mango Puree 1kg

    Funkin Mango Puree is great to add to a fruity cocktail. It can also be used to add or top fruity puddings, cakes and jellies. It could also be used to flavour curds and jellies. All Funkin juices and purees are made from 100% natural ingredients and no artificial flavourings or preservatives, just fresh fruit goodness. The resealable lid means no spillages and a long lasting life when opened means that you can save on waste.

  • Funkin Margarita 1ltr


    Funkin Margarita 1 litre – Tangy, zesty and sharp, the Margarita cocktail is not for the faint hearted! Thefunkin Margarita Cocktail Mixer is packed with a citrus blend of tangy Mexican limes and a dash of orange juice to tantilise your taste buds. Simply add tequila, ice and a dash of triple sec to a glass and pout over your funkin Margarita mixer for a refreshing drink after dinner. Easy!

    If you want your cocktail to look totally professional, just add salt. The Margarita is often served with salt coating the rim of the glass to complement the tequila and create a contrast of flavours on the palette.

  • Funkin Mixed Berry Puree 1kg


    Funkin Mixed Berry Puree is ideal for the perfect cocktails, smoothies, sorbets, patisseries and sauces in bars or home. Unique blend 100% natural

  • FUNKIN Mojito Cocktail Gift Set in Presentation Box – 8 Piece


    FUNKIN Mojito Cocktail Gift Set in Presentation Box – 8 Piece – Havana is the birthplace of the Mojito, although the exact origin of this classic cocktail is the subject of debate. One story traces the Mojito to a similar 16th century drink known as “El Draque”, after Francis Drake.