Eco and Plastic Free Crackers

With Halloween out the way we’re gonna plough ahead and throw the C word out there… Christmas is coming! TESTTESTTEST

Although Christmas may be a time of frivolity and excess, 2019 is the year to eco-fy the festive period. We’ve all cut down on plastic straws and disposable cups but let’s not stop there!

There’s nothing more wasteful than the plastic tat that tumbles out of your Christmas crackers each year and ends up bundled into the bin before pudding is even on the table. That need not mean that we can’t enjoy the fun of the fire-cracking yet elegant Christmas cracker though. 

Our range of eco friendly Christmas crackers are as aesthetically pleasing as any traditional design. However, they have the added benefit of being crafted with the finest quality, eco friendly card. 

There’s no compromise on contents either with the sustainable mistletoe and holly designs, which contain traditional eco-gifts, a classically cheesy joke, an eco hat and of course the crackle itself. Meanwhile our all new plastic free Christmas crackers are exactly what it says on the plastic free box. Crafted with FSC certified materials, these crackers look and feel the part. The contents of each cracker includes its crackle, hat, joke and delightful FSC Christmas decorations that you can bring out year after year. 

Whether you’re making the investment for a cosy family meal or for a lavish Christmas catering season, these crackers are both a responsible and attractive investment. Let this Christmas be the start of something new. 

Eco Natural Holly Crackers 50pk


The vibrant red and green of the natural holly design has these crackers looking like santa’s elves themselves made them.

Eco Natural Holly Crackers 12pk


Perfect for a rustic, country dining room or a cosy restaurant setting.

Eco Simply Mistletoe Crackers 50pk


The chic colour palette of the mistletoe design will suit modern and traditional interiors alike. 

Eco Simply Mistletoe Crackers 12pk


These toned down mistletoe crackers are ideal for adding some elegance to your table setting.

Plastic Free Christmas Crackers 12pk


Go full steam ahead on your eco Christmas with these plastic free crackers.

Plastic Free Christmas Crackers 50pk


Each plastic free cracker contains a gift that your guests are guaranteed to treasure.