July’s Hot Trends

Check out our round up of top products for July.

Upgrade the look of your bar, cafe or restaurant this summer with our range of baskets, display drawers and chic ramekins.

Go for a natural, rustic look of acacia wood platters and black wire baskets or a bright and elegant pairing of marble and copper

Designed to conform to gastronorm sizing for practical use within a professional catering environment, these display ranges work well on their own or as a mix and match. 

Copper Wire Display Basket GN1/2


Available in a number of sizes, this stylish copper basket is practically designed to conform to Gastronorm 1/2 size.

Black Wire Display Basket GN1/3


This gastronorm 1/3 size basket is perfect for displaying goods ranging from freshly baked pastries to condiments. 

White Granite Melamine Triangular Ramekin 3.5oz


Pair these granite-look ramekins with the sleek lines of a copper basket for a sophisticated air to your tableware.

Grey Granite Melamine Triangular Ramekin 3.5oz


The grey granite of these triangular ramekins brings a natural and discreet style to your crockery. Ideal for dips.

Acacia Wood 4 Compartment Cutlery Tray


Restaurant essentials need not be basic, go for an elegant, rustic look with this acacia wood cutlery tray.

Acacia Wood Round Buffet Riser 25cm


Add a new level to your buffet service or baked goods display with this natural wood food display stand.

Blue Wash Acacia Wood Display Drawers GN1/3


This Gastronorm 1/3 display drawer is ideal for showing off scones, flapjacks and more in a quaint, rustic style. 

Grey Wash Acacia Wood Display Drawers GN1/3


Complete your cafes rustic look with this acacia wood display drawer, perfect for showing off cupcakes and bread rolls.

Acacia Wood End Grain Chopping Board 11 x 1.5″


Whether its use is decorative or practical, this striking chopping board will not disappoint.