Pimp Your Drink!

Introducing Love Tiki’s all new Bubblzz collection. A delicious range of flavoursome beverage bubbles to pimp your drinks with. 

Bubblzz are fruit infused soft edible bubbles that burst under gentle pressure giving you an explosion of flavour. Bubblzz have been expertly created and are made to be paired with the most popular alcoholic drinks and cocktails. Whether your poison is proseccoginrumor vodka, we have the perfect compliment to add a little pizzazz to your drinks.

These Bubblzz will introduce a full burst of flavour with every sip and will turn a simple mixed drink into a vibrant concoction.  

Gin Bubblzz


A delightful selection of fruity bubblzz to mix and match. The Gin Bubblzz kit includes grapefuit, lime, lemon and blood orange.

Cocktail Bubblzz


If cocktails are more your thing, the cocktail bubblzz set has something for everyone with punchy peppermint, pineapple, lychee and a classic strawberry.

Vodka Bubblzz


Add a burst of flavour to your vodka mixers with a selection including, blueberry, lychee, lime and cranberry.

Prosecco Bubblzz


Pimp your prosecco with these fruity bubble bursts in strawberry, passion fruit, blueberry and peach.

Rum Bubblzz


Whether you’re topping off a mojito or a rum and coke, these bubblzz in lime, honey, cherry and peppermint will add the finishing touch.

Love Tiki Gold Prosecco Sparkle


The perfect addition to make your glass of prosecco more glamorous than it already is.