Bottle Openers

Essential for any bar or home, buy from our range of corkscrews, bottle openers, waiter’s friends and bar blades. Delivered direct to your door!

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  • APS Spare Champagne Stopper


    APS Spare Champagne Stopper – To be used alongside the two-piece Champagne stopper set (DM104), this spare champagne stopper is the perfect item to ensure that your champagne keeps fresh and full of fizz. This particular item air seals the bottle when in use to ensure that no gas escapes, whilst the partnering pump allows some extra sparkle is added if needed

  • Bar Blade Bottle Opener Stainless Steel


    Bar Blade Bottle Opener Stainless Steel – Bartenders blade for use as a bottle opener.

  • BarCraft Champagne Stopper


    BarCraft Champagne Stopper 

    Keep your champagne in perfect condition after opening in style with our durable stainless steel Champagne Bottle Stopper, ideal for use with most bottles of bubbly. A perfect gift for an anniversary, wedding or special occasion.

  • Beaumont 7″ Bar Blade Black Vinyl Coated


    Beaumont 7″ Bar Blade Black Vinyl Coated –

    This Black Stainless Steel Bottle opener is ideal for any bar, restaurant or club, it is perfect for opening bottles quickly and easily. This is designed to be easy to use due the vinyl grip.

  • Beaumont V Bar Blade Bottle Opener


    Beaumont V Bar Blade Bottle Opener – 

    7″ Bottle opener with handy pourer remover. The ‘V’ Bar Blade is perfect for opening bottles. Featuring robust & compact manufacturing.

  • Beaumont Waiters Friend Bottle Opener


    Beaumont Waiters Friend Bottle Opener – Waiter’s friend.

  • Bottle bunny

    £12.85 £11.57

    Bottle bunny bites off your beer top. A helpful little fellow that screws to your wall and opens bottles with those two big front teeth of his. Made from sturdy zinc with a polished nickel finish for durability and ease of use. Wall fixings included.

  • Champagne Stopper


    Champagne Stopper – If you don’t want the celebrations to end, preserve your bottle of bubbly with the Stainless Steel Champagne Stopper. It acts as a clamp to fit most bottle necks, forming a seal to keep your champagne or sparkling wine fresh.

  • Copper Bar Blade Flat Bottle Opener 7″


    Finished in an on-trend copper plating, this bar blade is the perfect choice for style conscious mixologists and bartenders.

  • Deluxe Waiters Friend, Wood Handle


    Deluxe Waiters Friend, Wood Handle – Double reach opener, allows for half cork extraction and repositioning for final extraction and a varnished wood finish.

  • Double-reach Corkscrew


    Double-reach Corkscrew – The Double Reach Waiters Friend’s ingenious, double-hinged 2-step boot Lever helps lift the cork along a straight vertical line – no straining sideways against the bottle neck! Insert the spiral and seat the shorter notch of the boot lever on the bottle rim and lift the cork part way.

  • Olympia Chrome Bottle Opener


    Olympia Chrome Bottle Opener – If you need a bottle opener that is as reliable as a Golden Retriever, then the Economy Bottle Opener is for you. This light weight aluminium bottle opener is small enough to fit in your pocket so it’ll always be by your side.

  • Stand-Up Bottle Opener & Catcher


    Stand-Up Bottle Opener & Catcher – This black plastic Cap Catcher Pillar is a brilliant and labour saving device perfect for bars, restaurants and even the home. When attached to the wall you can quickly remove bottle caps with ease and the hanging bucket catches them as they fall.

  • Twin Lever Corkscrew 6.1/4


    Twin Lever Corkscrew 6.1/4. A combined opener for corked bottles and those with metal ‘crown’ caps. Special Offer.

  • Under Counter Opener & Catcher


    Under Counter Opener & Catcher – This unique all in one bottle opening unit features an easy to use stationary bottle opener with a deep catcher tray underneath to keep the bottle tops from littering your floors!

  • Urban Bar Seal Bottle Opener


    Urban Bar Seal Bottle Opener – The ultimate bottle opener. A bespoke design to Urban bar this beautiful and unique bottle opener would make a stylish addition to any bar. Perfect for a gift for the drinks connoisseur in your life as a truly unique gift.

    Finished in polished silver this is a gorgeous and practical bottle opener.

  • Vacu Vin Wine Saver Including 2 Sealers


    Vacu Vin Wine Saver Including 2 Sealers – The Vacu Vin wine saver pump will guarantee you will have a fresh and crisp glass of wine whenever you open the bottle.

  • Vacu Vin Wine Saver Sealers 2pk


    Vacu Vin Wine Saver Sealers 2pk – Save that unfinished bottle of wine from turning sour, with these Vacuum Stoppers from Vacu Vin. Simply insert the rubber stopper into the neck of the wine bottle