Tasteful ingenuity with our stylish essential Love Tiki kitchen gadget range.

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  • Chef’n Emulstir Salad Dressing Mixer


    Chef’n Emulstir Salad Dressing Mixer

    The Chef’n Emulstir Salad Dressing Mixer allows you to measure, mix and serve your favourite homemade dressings quickly and simply. You’ll find it easier to emulsify your favourite ingredients, than ever before.

    Simply fill the container with your favorite dressing ingredients, press in the cork fit lid, pump the plunger, watch and wait as the perfect dressing comes to life. It can be stored like this making it easy to use in a commercial setting. Or when you are ready to serve, twist the cork to open and pour. The dripless spout means less mess too.

  • Chef’n GarlicMachine Garlic Press


    Chef’n GarlicMachine Garlic Press

    The Chef’n GarlicMachine Garlic Press is an essential kitchen gadget. Garlic is a staple ingredient in lots of food and this gadget is super handy to ensure you can serve and store it.   It allows you to mince multiple garlic cloves at one time effortlessly. This garlic press has a quick release top for easy loading. Peel the garlic cloves as normal, then insert several at the same time and turn the handle to press and mince. Fresh garlic ready to use in seconds. It also includes a storage cap should you wish to store and serve fresh at a later point.

  • Chef’n HerbFresh Fresh Herb Storage


    Chef’n HerbFresh Fresh Herb Storage

    Chef’n HerbFresh Fresh Herb Storage is a simple solution to keeping herbs fresher for longer. You can’t beat the taste of fresh herbs. If you are partial to a tasty curry, love homemade tomato and basil sauce or want to impress your guests with a lemon and herb sauce for fish then this is the kitchen gadget for you.

  • Chef’n Yolkster Egg Poacher


    Chef’n Yolkster Egg Poacher

    The Chef’n Yolkster Egg Poacher will make sure your poached eggs are perfect every time. They will make your, or your chefs, life more straightforward. Your guests will thank you for a superb breakfast.

    Simply submerge the egg into water and let it swirl around, without disturbing the egg white, until it is cooked. Hook the poacher onto the side of the pan to let it drain. Finally, serve your white, fluffy and soft, traditionally cooked poached eggs.  Poaching eggs is as easy as child’s play.