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Love Tiki make your own kits have ranges from coffee making to butter-making making a fabulous DIY gift.

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    7 Piece Lemonade Set

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    7 Piece Lemonade Set – Squeeze some sparkle back into your day with some fresh homemade lemonade. This 7 piece lemonade set contains a recipe booklet to help get you started or use your own imagination to serve up endless possibilities. The lemonade inspired handled jars with decorative lids and straws will complete that homemade look. Ideal as a gift or simply a perfect way to serve your creations to friends and family.



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    Drinking Set For Two

    £13.50 £9.98
    Drinking Set For Two – The Kilner drinking set for two offers a creative way of serving and enjoying delicious drinks. Add the final personal touch to your homemade creations by labelling the chalk tag and serving with the decorative lid and straw.


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    Kilner 8 piece Sloe Gin Gift Set

    £29.99 £21.60

    Kilner 8 piece Sloe Gin Gift Set – The ultimate set for Gin lovers in your life! Contains, 1 x 2 litre round glass jar, 4 x 250ml sloe gin bottles, 1 x muslin cloth, 1 x plastic funnel and 1 x recipe card. All glass bottles and funnels are dishwasher safe. Muslin cloth is machine washable

  • Kilner 9 Piece Mug and Straw set, 9 Piece, Glass


    Kilner 9 Piece Mug and Straw set, 9 Piece, Glass – Kilner 9 piece set provides a fashionable and unique way to serve a variety of refreshing drinks. Set contains 2 x Handled Mugs, 4 x 23cm Straws, 2 x Flower Lids and 1 x Recipe Booklet.

  • Kilner Butter Churner


    Kilner Butter Churner – The Kilner Butter Churner is a new and unique item in the popular Kilner collection. Offering an easy way of making your own fresh butter, simply add your whipping cream and turn the handle. In around 10 minutes you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have churned your way to a delicious buttery spread! The Butter Churner is an attractive product, with all of the hallmarks that make Kilner special. As well as providing you with your personally churned butter, it will look great as a feature on your kitchen worktop, becoming a talking point with visitors and impressing them with your homemade butter!


  • Kilner Butter Paddles Set of 2


    Kilner Butter Paddles Set of 2

    The stylish and practical Kilner butter paddles set is an essential piece of equipment for any home butter enthusiast. Also known as a Scotch hand, the butter paddles are very important in retaining the freshness of the butter by removing residual butter milk.

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  • Kilner Fermentation Set


    Kilner Fermentation Set

    Create your own probiotic goodness with this Kilner fermentation kit.

    Fermented foods are a hot topic this year in the food world, from kombucha and kefir to kimchi and sauerkraut.

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  • Kilner Infused Drinks Set

    Kilner Infused Drinks Set – The Kilner infused drinks set contains everything needed to infuse drinks both alcoholic and non alcoholic. The gift tags also make it perfect to create homemade gifts to give away. The recipe booklet contains four recipes in both French and English you get you started. Set includes 2 x 200ml handled bottles, stainless steel funnel, 3 muslin squares, 6 gift tags, 1 recipe book.
  • Kilner Juicer Jar Set


    Kilner Juicer Jar Set -Juice and store your citrus fruits straight into a Kilner® jar with the juicer jar set from Kilner. The set includes a 0.5L Kilner® jar with iconic clip top lid, ideal for sealing in freshness and storing in the fridge. The Kilner® juicer attachment also fits Kilner® clip top jars including 0.5L, 1L, 1.5L and 2L sizes. Dishwasher safe (seal removed).

  • Kilner Spiralizer Jar


    Kilner Spiralizer Jar – The Kilner® Spiralizer offers the easy way to create spaghetti style spiral ribbons from a variety of hard vegetables as a healthier alternative to pasta. The 1L Kilner® Jar will collect your spirals directly from the cutting blade and the spare lid is the perfect way to store in the fridge or take your meal to work. Perfect for courgettes, squash, carrots, beetroot and potatoes. Recipe and care and use instructions included.

  • Make Your Own Butter Kit


    Make Your Own Butter Kit –  Impress your pals by making your own butter! Churn it, pat it then dish it up. Spread it, melt it and generally have a jolly good time. The perfect gift for someone who…well…loves butter! Just add milk!

  • Smoking Gun Foodies Gift Set


    Smoking Gun Foodies Gift Set

    Give your foodie friend a smokin’ hot gift set to build on their culinary expertise in a unique and vastly interesting practice. From butter to cocktails, you can have them serving you a unique selection of smoked goods and delicacies.

    The Polyscience Smoking Gun produces a cool smoke allowing you to smoke a variety of fresh goods that cannot ordinarily be enhanced by the smoking experience. This includes butter, cheese, oysters, cocktails, salads, chocolate, meringue.