Mixing Glasses

Our mixing glasses and tested and designed by professional bartenders and balance durability and elegance ideal for daily use in a buy bar.

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  • Astor Mixing Glass 17.5oz / 500ml


    Astor Mixing Glass 17.5oz / 500ml – A lipped rim makes for easy, non drip pouring and is ideally suited to preparing cocktails that need to be stirred.

  • Giant Footed Compote Glass 60oz / 1.7ltr


    Giant Footed Compote Glass 60oz / 1.7ltr – This beautiful glass is the ideal party piece. Add some flair to any cocktail party with this elegant stemed cocktail sharing glass, ideal for tropical inspired cocktails like a classic Mai Tai or Pina Colada.

  • Japanese Yarai Mixing Glass 700ml


    Japanese Yarai Mixing Glass 700ml –

    The stylish and practical Japanese Mixing Glass with embossed pattern is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your cocktail service. Ideal for cocktails which don’t require shaking, simply add your ingredients, give it a good stir and use the pouring lip to serve into a glass.

  • Mezclar Japanese Style Mixing Glass


    Mezclar Japanese Style Mixing Glass. Mezclar meaning mix in Spanish, is our new range of higher end Cocktail Tools. Over the past few months there has been the need for presentation among the leading bars of the world, part of the presentation is the mixing and the preparing of which these products form part of. This stylish shaker glass will accompany any mixologists pouring performance.

  • Mezclar Mixing Glass 710ml


    Mezclar Mixing Glass 710ml –

    Beaumont TM Limited is the UK’s largest supplier of barware to the hospitality industry. As well as importing barware they also manufacture right here in Britain. They are what your pub landlord would call a ‘proper British company’!

  • Mixing Glass 50cl/17.5oz


    Mixing Glass 50cl/17.5oz – An elegant and durable cut class mixing glass ideal for stirred cocktails such as Martinis and the classic Old Fashioned.

  • Mixing Glass 80cl/28.25oz


    Mixing Glass 80cl/28.25oz – This Mixing Glass from Genware offers a truly premium touch to mixing and creating cocktails. With an embossed diamond cut effect pattern and mixing glass with lipped rim for pouring, this mixer glass is expertly designed for use in bars. Ideal for use with long mixing spoons, this cocktail mixing glass is suitable for mixing and stirring cocktails and other mixed drinks.

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    Urban Bar Japanese Yarai Mixing Glass 70cl

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    Urban Bar Japanese Yarai Mixing Glass 70cl. Add some real style & flair to your establishment with the comprehensive Urban Bar range of prestige products.