Quirky Cocktail

From penguin cocktail shakers to seal bottle openers this is a most prestigious and unique range of barware for the more adventurous of you out there!

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  • Alessi 90021 Cocktail Shaker by Sylvia Stave


    Alessi 90021 Cocktail Shaker by Sylvia Stave – Made under licence from the Bauhaus-Archiv in Berlin. Presented for the first time in the Officina Alessi catalogue in 1989 after four years of work and research, this piece was originally attributed to Marianne Brandt by the authoritative Bruckmann’s Silber Lexicon which published its photo, assigned it to the Dessau Bauhaus and dated it to around 1925. But the shaker was subsequently re-attributed: research carried out in 1994 by the director of the Bauhaus Archiv, Peter Hahn, discovered that its designer was in actual fact Sylvia Stave from Sweden. A photo very like this shaker was published in the 1937 catalogue of a Swedish maker, C.G. Hallbergs of Stockholm.

  • Urban Bar Seal Bottle Opener


    Urban Bar Seal Bottle Opener – The ultimate bottle opener. A bespoke design to Urban bar this beautiful and unique bottle opener would make a stylish addition to any bar. Perfect for a gift for the drinks connoisseur in your life as a truly unique gift.

    Finished in polished silver this is a gorgeous and practical bottle opener.