ODK Cocktail Mixers

Get to the bar and try these delicious cocktail recipes put together by the team at ODK Mixers. Something delicious for every occasion.

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  • ODK 100% Lime Juice


    ODK 100% Lime Juice

    This juice is made from limes which originate in South America. It is amazing in cocktails and will leave your customers and guests with a truly memorable taste. We recommend you use it in the ever popular daiquiri. Make the classic rum cocktail, add a twist of this lime juice and serve in a city martini glass, garnished which a slice of lime. Your staff will thank you for the handy  bottle. There is no need to transfer to another bottle meaning less waste and less cost.

  • ODK Falernum Syrup


    ODK Falernum Syrup

    This has to be one of our favourites. After all, it is a secret ingredient used in a lot of tiki drinks. Falernum syrup adds a whole lot of flavour to a range of drinks transforming them from good to sensational. We’d love to have ours served in one of our range of tiki mugs. It is a ‘go to’ syrup in any bar or restaurant, adding a little more flavour with very little effort. Your staff will thank you for the handy storage bottle,  which is easy to use and ensures your syrup stays fresh for longer. Less waste and less cost. This syrup is gluten free.

  • ODK Passion Fruit Purée


    Bitter Sweet, the ODK Passion Fruit Puree is great for a porn star martini, check out our video section to see how to make ours.

  • ODK Peach Puree


    ODK Peach Puree –

    Sweet. Tangy. Juicy. Delicious. Peaches make a great addition to many different drinks. One of the most popular drinks to make is a Peach Bellini; just add a little purée to sparkling wine for sweetness and extra flavour. Decanting the purée is easy thanks to the squeeze bottle and specially designed pouring spout.

  • ODK Raspberry Puree


    ODK Raspberry Puree –

    The perfect blend of sweet and sour. This Raspberry purée from ODK is perfect for adding a flavour kick to your cocktails. The purée is made by using only three natural ingredients: real raspberries, water and sugar. The unique pasteurisation process ensures that the purée keeps all of its flavour and gives it an unrivalled shelf life. The purée will last for one year on the shelf and for three months once opened.

  • ODK Strawberry Purée


    For those that like a strawberry Daiquiri, give our ODK version a go. We think you won’t be disappointed. You only need a little amount to get the colour and flavour you need.


  • ODK Yuzu Puree


    ODK Yuzu Puree

    Yuzu is a citrus fruit which originates in east Asia. Yuzu puree is tangy and zingy with a twist of grapefruit, lemon and mandarin. It is amazing in cocktails that you wish to be fresh and fruity and will leave your customers and guests with a truly memorable taste. Your staff will thank you for the handy squeeze bottle which is easy to use and its special design ensures your puree stays fresh for longer mean less waster and less cost. This puree is gluten free.