Ice Crushers

Love Tiki Ice Crushers have ranges from Santos and Wearing and many more professional Ice Crushers manufacturers.

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  • Chrome Manual Ice Crusher


    Chrome Manual Ice Crusher. The Chrome Ice Crusher can be used at home behind the bar. Makes very fine crushed ice for cocktails. Free Delivery available.

  • Santos Electric Ice Crusher 53A


    Santos Electric Ice Crusher 53A. Easy to use unit providing up to 3kg of crushed ice per minute. Makes both fine and coarse crushed ice. Free UK Delivery.

  • Waring Ice Crusher IC20K


    Waring Ice Crusher IC20K. Powerful ice crusher supplied with large capacity collecting bowl. Perfect for use in bars, clubs & restaurants . Free UK Delivery

  • White Plastic Ice Crusher


    White Plastic Ice Crusher. Reduce chunky ice cubes to handy sized cocktail shards. Simple to use with a great ergonomic feel.