Funkin Fruit Purees

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  • Funkin Raspberry Puree 1kg


    Funkin Raspberry Puree – Funkin have been at the forefront of cocktail innovation for many years, sourcing the best fruits from around the globe and picking them when at their ripest. Funkin Raspberry Fruit Puree is made from 100% natural fruits, blended to complement the finest alcohols is the professional’s choice for making cocktails.

  • Funkin Smoked Syrup 36cl


    Funkin Smoked Syrup 36cl – Our Funkin Smoked Syrup is flavoured using smoked oak wood and boasts a beautiful amber colour.

  • Funkin Spiced Syrup 36cl


    Funkin Spiced Syrup 36cl – Our Funkin Spiced Syrup uses a combination of warming spices including, nutmeg, cinnamon, star anise, cardamom and cloves.

  • Funkin Strawberry Fruit Puree 1kg


    Funkin Strawberry Fruit Puree is a blend of strawberries to create the perfect cocktail accompaniment.This delicious fruit puree is a great addition to any drink.

  • Funkin Syrup Agave Nectar 36cl


    Funkin Syrup Agave Nectar 36cl –  We are excited to feature this new 100% natural Funkin Agave Nectar. Funkin Agave Nectar is a healthy alternative to sugar syrup and allows you to create the fashionable Skinny Cocktails. Extracted form Blue Agave Cacti, our Agave Nectar is 40% sweeter per calorie than sugar syrup, which means you can use 40% less per serve! The primary sugar in Funkin Agave Syrup is a complex form of fructose, which has a lower glycemic index and is less likely to raise blood-sugar levels.

  • Funkin Syrups Earl Grey Syrup 36cl


    Funkin Syrups Earl Grey Syrup 36cl –  We are excited to feature this new 100% natural Funkin Earl Grey Syrup. Funkin extracts the earl grey tea leaf essence and enhances it with the natural oils from the rind of the bergamot orange creating the most delicate and fragrant syrup with hints of citrus and a deep rich tea flavour.

  • Funkin Syrups Ginger Syrup 36cl


    Funkin Syrups Ginger Syrup 36cl –  We are excited to feature this new 100% natural Funkin Ginger Syrup. Golden in colour, Funkin Ginger Syrup has just the right amount of heat and spice to make it real nice! Made with spicy ginger root from South America,  crushed to form a paste and then infused with hot water a true sweet and zingy ginger syrup is created.

  • Funkin White Peach Puree 1kg


    Funkin White Peach Pureé 1kg –  The perfect choice for a Classic Bellini, simply add to Sparkling Wine and gently stir.Funkin White Peach was one of the fruits that first inspired Funkin on their mission. They only wanted the best white peach to deliver the best Bellini’s.

  • Funkin William Pear Puree 1kg


    William Pear Purée 1kg – A delicious cocktail puree for introducing the soft, sweet delicate flavour of pear to your cocktail creations.