Gifts For Chefs

Cooking up a storm at Christmas? Check out this range of essentials for every budding chef in you life!

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  • Baster 30ml Red Bulb


    Baster 30ml Red Bulb

    This domestic Baster is ideal for use in the busy home kitchen when doing a Sunday roast for the family or just coating meat with tasty sauces instead. It’s also an absolute essential for Christmas dinner! Overdone the gravy? Don’t worry this Baster is great for using to suck up any unwanted juices, oils or gravy.

  • Big K Instant Light Fire Logs, Pack of 3 Compressed Sawdust Instant Stove or Open Fire Fuel

    £4.49 £3.59
    • Pack of 3 instant light Fire logs
    • Made from compressed sawdust
    • Instant light with no firelighter or kindling required, each log burns for up to 3 hours
    • Quick and easy to light, simply light The Wrapper
    • Ideal for stoves, open fires, fire pits and bonfires
  • Kilner 8L Ceramic Fermentation Crock for Making Pickles, Kimchi & Sauerkraut


    Ceramic Fermentation Set – A Ceramic Fermentation Set provides the easy way to create your own delicious fermented foods packed with vitamins, minerals and probiotic cultures.


  • Sage® by Heston Blumenthal Smoking Gun


    Sage® by Heston Blumenthal Smoking Gun -The Smoking Gun allows you to infuse a variety of foods and drinks with natural smoky flavours like applewood and hickory without adding any heat. You can even use it before or after cooking for quick and easy results. Simply load the Smoking Gun with wood chips, light and blow smoke into a covered container of any kind. Get ready to enjoy smokehouse flavours that make your taste buds salivate.


  • SousVideTools® 6 Tray “Hendi” Food Dehydrator


    SousVideTools® 6 Tray “Hendi” Food Dehydrator -Make delicious, dried fruit and vegetable snacks and jerky withSousVideTools® 6 Tray “Hendi” Food Dehydrator. The adjustable thremostat adjusts for precise dehydration temperatures between 35° to 70°C.