Monin Blackcurrant Syrup 70cl


Monin Blackcurrant Syrup 70cl. A must-stock, Monin Blackcurrant Syrup is one of the most popular and versatile flavours in the MONIN range. Free Delivery available.

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    Monin Blackcurrant Syrup 70cl. The basis of many popular cordials and alcoholic drinks, blackcurrant is used in the famous French champagne cocktail the Kir Royal, as well as the standard Kir made with white wine. Félix Kir, mayor of Dijon (1945-1967), popularised the drink by serving it at his receptions.

    Blackcurrants have a strong, tart flavour, which works well in jam, jelly, cheesecake, yogurts, ice cream and sorbet as well as savoury meat dishes and sauces. Combined with other fruits such as apple, strawberry and raspberry, blackcurrants are often used in summer puddings, pies and crumbles.

    Simply add MONIN Blackcurrant syrup to champagne for a delightful Kir Royal, to cider or beer to make the popular ‘cider and black’ or ‘lager and black’ or mix with other fruit flavours to make refreshingly fruity cocktails.

    Monin Blackcurrant Syrup 70clBeverage Innovation Directors tips
    With its true taste MONIN Blackcurrant syrup allows you to create amazing drinks such as Martini, Mocha and much more. I particularly like to mix it with cranberry juice in flavoured tea.

    Monin Blackcurrant Syrup 70clproduct descriptions
    – Colour: Dusky red.
    – Tasting Notes: Green nose of blackcurrant bud. Rich, sweet and fruity blackcurrant taste with touch of tartness.
    – Applications: Cocktails, Sodas, Smoothies, Lemonades, Fruit punches & Teas.

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    Monin Blackcurrant Syrup 70cl

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