Have you visited our Sale Room lately?

You know that we have some of the best prices for your barware, kitchenware, tableware and glasses so you can imagine how much of a bargain the items in our sales room are.

From cocktail trees to pizzas boxes, glasses, gift sets, enamelware, cocktail shakers and plates there’s something there for everyone and every bar, restaurant, cafe and occasion.

Here’s a few teasers for you.

Enamel Tea Pot Red 1ltr

An integral part of our best selling sturdy enamel tableware range. This tea pot with classic enamel finish provides a stylish and rustic retro addition to food and table presentation combining functionality with usability, ideal for commercial and home use. 

Was £11.40 NOW £6.00

red enamel tea pot

Parma Shaker Bronze Chase Glass 16oz/45cl

Perfect for cocktails with these glasses are an essential for your bar. It’s unique bronze finish makes it striking and appealing for your guests.

Was £1.56 NOW £1.19

bronze chase glass

Enamel Mug Black with White Rim 36cl/12.5oz

Everyone loves an enamel mug and at this price, why not buy in bulk. The classic retro design mug is manufactured from heavyweight steel and thicker enamel for extra durability. 

Was £4.37 NOW £0.84

black enamel mug

Fontaine Cocktail Shaker 12.25oz (35cl)

This sleek and stylish shaker will look the part in any bar. It’s extremely durable making it ideal for use in the busiest of clubs, bars, restaurants or even at home to help produce your favourite cocktails.

Was £7.57 NOW £4.79

stainless steel cocktail shaker

Paper Wrapped Wooden Chopstick 200mm / 8″ Case 20 x 100pk

These Rooiter Chopsticks provide a high quality oriental product. A niche cutlery item to for the catering and restaurant industry – these are less than half price!

Was £88.80 NOW £33.60


Mostache Base Enamel Mug White with Black Rim 36cl/12.5oz

Measuring approximately 8cm in diameter, these sturdy Enamel Mugs are a big seller from the Love Tiki popular enamel tableware range check this one our in our sale room. 

Was £1.80 NOW £1.32

white enamel mug

Stainless Steel Double Walled Bowl 13cm

This gorgeous stainless steel bowl can be used for a variety of foods such as rice, ice cream and much more giving a modern look to your tables.

Was £3.12 NOW £1.97

stainless steel bowl

Resital Champagne Flute 20cl/7oz 6pk

These contemporary and elegant teardrop shaped stemmed glasses will enhance any drinking experience. Perfect for dining, restaurant, bars and nightclubs. They are made from quality manufactured glass, which is durable, sparkling and dishwasher resistant.

Was £12.11 NOW £4.98

Teardrop shaped champagne glass

20 Inch White Pizza Boxes 100pk

These high quality 20″ pizza boxes are perfect for trattorias, pizzerias and take-out restaurants. The boxes are a great price and feature essential ventilation holes to prevent condensation that would otherwise damage your delicious pizzas.

Was £80.40 NOW £66.00

white pizza box from Love Tiki

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